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Augment your sessions with self contained card games, incredible items, add-ons, and Gooey exclusives.

Chapter 1 of The Red Star Rising: The Darkest Dream

Start your adventures into the world of Zyathé with The Darkest Dream. With 30+ hours of Carnivalle chaos depicted in enthralling words and immersive artwork!
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Cyclopædia Zyathica Volume 1: The Wy'rded World

The perfect companion to The Darkest Dream, dive into the dark and twisted world of Zyathé. Inside these pages you’ll learn the histories, lore, and secrets of The Wy’rded World.
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Bundle Both The Darkest Dream and The Wy'rded World and Save!

This Bundle contains all you need to get started adventuring in Zyathé!
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