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A Menace in the Mist

A Side-Quest Adventure
A Side-Quest Adventure for Levels 3-5
Over 40 Pages of Cult-Slaying Content & 40+ Full-Color Handouts
1 - 3 Sessions of Gameplay

What our fans say:

Ric M.
Ric M.
Verified ownerVerified owner

I look forward to digging into this amazing adventure. I love the cover art:)

4 months ago

I ran this with my family upon release and haven't seen so much roleplay happen at our game table in the four years we've been playing together. Our game ran for a grand total of 16 hours and it was a blast!

2 years ago

Key Features

Epic Sidequest

This “side-quest” adventure can be played as part of the Red Star Rising Campaign or run as a stand-alone. This particular adventure is a break from the main story, though it will be no less riveting than its sibling stories! It can also be relatively easily placed in another world with some adjustments on your part.

Epic Storyline

Easily slipping into the goings-on in Prondodol, rumors will lead Player Characters into the Myrewood. They soon realize it was easier to get in than to escape, as they soon find themselves lost in the mists, with insidious enemies just waiting to take advantage...

Consistent Design

If you are familiar with Red Star Rising, you know how we design our games to be friendly to both GM and player. Our mini-adventures follow the same design and include all of the things you would expect to find; location artwork, NPC portraits, special item cards, maps, and gooey reward cards. Our GM Reference and Adventure Books also follow the same format, making the game easy to run!



Digital PDF of Menace in the Mist

Digital & Physical

Digital & Physical - Digital PDF & Physical Copy of Menace in the Mist

About A Menace in the Mist

Deviate from the path and get pulled into an adventure in the Myrewood, a fearsome forest. This adventure will begin in the town of Prondadol, within which the Player Characters will be greeted by a sense of disarray. Rumors of disappearances flood the streets and public establishments, and townsfolk seem less willing to walk the roads at night. While wandering the town, Player Characters will see more than a few notices posted on every street from families, loved ones, and town officials announcing missing persons and offering rewards for information that might lead to their finding. As the PCs investigate, they will find themselves trapped in the Myrewood, stymied as they attempt to find a way through the mists. Mists in which deadly enemies weave their dark plots…

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