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Our Gooey Guide to Character Creation

A Free Guide to Building Characters in Zyathé
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Compatible With Our Gooey Philosophy & House Rules
Build Strong Characters to Survive Our Adventures
Includes Instructions for Standard and Custom Races

About Our Gooey Guide to Character Creation

The Gooey Cube philosophy is to have a “Hero-focused” fantasy roleplaying experience. Our aim is for players to begin with characters that are tough and resilient, diminishing the frequent necessity for character rest and the accompanying disruption to the storyline. To this end, we provide first-level characters with enhanced resources, such as increased hit points, abilities, and spell slots, beyond what is typically stipulated in the standard 5th edition rules (”RAW” or rules-as-written).

For those creating Player Characters in the World of Zyathé and wishing to adhere to the Gooey House Rules, we offer the following character creation guidelines. While each recommendation is optional and should be tailored to the preferences of your gaming group and the style of play you desire, these guidelines are designed to ensure that first-level characters align with the strength and capabilities of the pre-generated characters (“pregens”) encountered in Gooey Cube games at gaming conventions.

Key Features

Give Your Custom Characters the Gooey Treatment

While we provide pre-generated characters for the Red Star Rising campaign, your players may want to create their own character for the world of Zyathé. This character creation guide will ensure their character can match up to our pre-gens and aligns with our Gooey philosophy.



A Digital PDF of the Gooey Guide to Character Creation.

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