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Myron the Ugly Troll

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About Myron the Ugly Troll

This romantic ballad was made famous by Jordanian Valentine, Famed Bard of Zyranthea, just before his tragic ingestion by Crocofrogs. Every Zyranthean Bard will tell you this was the first song they learned as children on their flutes, lyres, and fiddles.

Another tavern-appropriate piece, Myron the Ugly Troll is a perfect rabble-rousing anthem that adds another element of immersion to the world of Zyathé.

Just don’t sing it in front of Myron…

Editor's Note: Be careful! I've had this song stuck in my head for a week before!

Key Features


Why not! We like to have fun here, and what is more fun than music?! The Great Goo, Alphinius himself is a huge fan of bardistry, and often commissions new pieces of music.



An MP3 file of the famous Zyathic chart topper Myron the Ugly Troll.

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