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The Frenta

A Character Background
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A Free Background Designed With Red Star Rising in Mind
Perfectly Fit in With the Hanataz
Created by a Community Member

About The Frenta

You are a member of the Blue Veil troupe. And because you are a younger person, you are referred to as “Frenta”… which is roughly translated as “youth” in the common tongue that is spoken in civilized lands. As a Frenta, you are in training to work the shows, to contest against those who would wager their coin, to help aid and defend the troupe, and, ultimately, to take over leadership when the current Bonduran are too old to carry on with their duties.
Here you will find all that you need to play the “Frenta” background. This background includes your proficiencies, languages, and bonus Equipment. As well as many other fun tidbits for you to truly embody that of a Frenta.

Designed by Casey Wren.

Key Features

Blend Perfectly Into the Hanataz

This free digital download of the Frenta background is available as an option to use in Red Star Rising. By no means do you have to pick it to be a Frenta, however, as a small number of official backgrounds also work.



A Digital PDF of The Frenta Background.

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