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Chapters 1-3 of Red Star Rising

The Darkest Dream, The Foulest of Spirits, & The Coldest of Blood


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About Chapters 1-3 of Red Star Rising

Get the Red Star One-Two-Three Bundle, including:
- The Red Star Rising Chapter One: The Darkest Dream

- The Red Star Rising Chapter Two: The Foulest of Spirits

- The Red Star Rising Chapter Three: The Coldest of Blood

The Darkest Dream

The Darkest Dream begins the epic tale of a group of Hanataz youth who are charged with working security for the last Carnivalle of the season. The Hanataz are the Traveling Folk of the world of Zyathé and are an ostracized people due to the many Blood-Touched members of their troupes. But while the Traveling Folk are not welcome in most towns and villages, the shows they put on are enjoyed by many. However, this is no ordinary Carnivalle. Horrid and vile schemes are afoot. An ancient foe plots deadly revenge. A group of organized criminals looks to frame the Hanataz for murder. And, nearby, creatures from the Dark Below plan an attack on the camp. Beyond this, it is Darktide’s Eve, which is a time of fearful and evil portents. Can you and your friends overcome the many dangers set against you, protect the troupe, and solve the mystery of the Darkest Dream? If you don’t. Many will die. Including those you love.

The Foulest of Spirits

The Sul has risen following the last day of Carnivalle, but the morning brings no comfort. The terrifying events of the previous night still burn within your minds – and the shades of death that menaced the camp still darken your hearts. Now, some of your troupe have gone missing, and others lie as if dead. And though you wish to stay and help your kin, you must complete a critical (and secret) mission in the depths of the Duskwood to find an item of great importance. But it is Darktide – a day of dire portents – and nothing is as it should be.

The Coldest of Blood

The days loom dark as the wagons roll on toward Prondadol. Nearby, the fetid, stinking Blackrot Bog constantly reminds you of the shadows that lie upon your hearts. In the sky, Zaraghast – the dreaded red star – burns day and night, bringing much fear to you and your fellow members of the Blue Veil. A terrible storm sweeps in. Before it breaks, you will need to make camp; or face the blizzard's fury while on the causeway. There is no option. Though your instincts would have you avoid it, you must pull from the road and set camp at the edge of a small forest that borders the bog. Known as the Mistwood Hollows, it has a fearful and dark reputation. What follows is a fearful and intense journey beneath a shadowy canopy of Dumal-Wood and Shadepine as the snowstorm closes in on the troupe’s location. Quickly after that, the hunters become the hunted, as ghastly creatures track the party...

Key Features

Dive Into an Immersive Story!

Our flagship campaign, Red Star Rising, spans many chapters, providing your table with months or even years of content. Chapter One features a sandbox Carnivalle with many encounters and mini-games for players to explore at their own pace. A through plotline takes them into the forest edges to discover dungeons crawling with monsters. As the GM, you have a lot of freedom to introduce story elements as needed, concluding with epic revelations that will take you into Chapter Two.

Move Seamlessly Between Chapters

Each Chapter picks up right where the previous one finishes, sucking you right back into the action and continuing the plot with the next arc.

Cut Down on Prep-Time

Our mission is to cut down on prep work and save GMs hours of effort. Each chapter comes with everything you need to run an adventure, with an adventure book, GM reference book, pre-generated character sheets, NPC portraits, maps, locality art, item cards, and a set of “gooey rewards.”


Physical & Digital

Physical & Digital PDF Version of
Chapter 1, 2 and 3 of the Red Star Rising Campaign and Cyclopaedia 1.

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