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The Player's Primer

The Secrets of Zyathé
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A Free Booklet With Condensed Lore
A Brief Outline of Cyclopaedia Volume 1 Information

About The Player's Primer

This condensed manual contains a brief accounting of the lore and information found in Cyclopaedia Volume 1: The Wyr’ded World. While chock full of fantastic details and guidance for helping players flesh out your characters and understand their place in the world, it is highly recommended that you purchase the full Cyclopaedia in order to get the deepest knowledge and most extensive narrative!

Key Features

Prep Your Players

Make player buy-in easier and avoid fielding 20 questions at once by giving them this handy Player's Primer, which will explain much about the world of Zyathé and what to expect from an adventure set within the world.



A Digital PDF of The Secrets of Zyathé – Player's Primer.

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