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A Strangely Gooey Holiday

A Side-Quest Adventure


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A Festively-Themed Side-Quest Adventure for Levels 3-5
Over 30 Pages of Tongue-in-Cheek Content & 40+ Full-Color Handouts
1 - 2 Sessions of Gameplay

About A Strangely Gooey Holiday

The smell of cookies and nog hangs heavy in the air, and there is a magical glow glistening in the ice crystals that cover the window panes; Wintersdance is but a few short days away! This wondrous celebration is beloved by nearly everyone across Zyathé, and even the household of the esteemed archmage, Alphinius Goo, is caught up in the holiday cheer. Yet the approach of the season each year fills the wizard with as much irritation as mirth. His wife’s favorite decorations were ensorcelled most wickedly many years ago by his rival, forcing Alphinius into a grueling battle to subdue the knicknacks that drain much of the fun of Wintersdance. He’s had enough! Fortunately, a band of adventurers have turned up on his doorstep just in time to retrieve the wanton adornments – but they’d best hurry, as Ms. Goo is on her way home, and expects to find the tower properly decorated!

Key Features

Epic Sidequest

This “side-quest” adventure can be played as part of the Red Star Rising Campaign or run as a stand-alone. This adventure is a callback to classic adventures set to holiday themes and given a Gooey Cube spin.

Epic Storyline

It’s an opportunity to introduce your players to the wonders of the Zyathé winter holiday of Wintersdance — a time in the early beginnings of the winter season to share camaraderie, gifts, and gratitude for the wondrous world around your characters. It’s also a chance to meet the archmage of Gooey Cube, Alphinius Goo, and role-play him in your own world.

Consistent Design

If you are familiar with Red Star Rising, you know how we design our games to be friendly to both GM and player. Our mini-adventures follow the same design and include all of the things you would expect to find; location artwork, NPC portraits, special item cards, maps, and gooey reward cards. Our GM Reference and Adventure Books also follow the same format, making the game easy to run!



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Digital PDF & Physical Copy of A Strangely Gooey Holiday

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