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Custom Character Portrait

Zyathé Your Face!
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Turn Your Face Into a Character in Zyathé
Or a Perfect Gift for a Loved One
Receive a Physical Portrait & be Featured in Our World!

About Custom Character Portrait

Do you want a custom character portrait with the same stylings as we do here at Gooey Cube? Well, buddy, have I got a deal for you. Right now, you can order them for yourself and your friends! These will be professionally done by one of our artists according to your brief, and we will send them out to you physically once they are completed and printed. You will also receive a digital version to use how you see fit.

You also have a chance to be featured in one of our adventure books and put your portrait into our sweet character folios! How slick is that?

Who wouldn’t want a jaw-dropping portrait of themselves? What are you waiting for? Just push the button! You know you want to…

Key Features

Be a Part of Zyathé!

Not only do you receive a stunning piece of art based on your exact specifications, but you will be able to appear in the world of Zyathé as an NPC in either an Adventure or a Cyclopaedia! You can even do this for your loved ones for the perfect gift!


Custom Portrait

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