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The Witch's Wrath

A Side-Quest Adventure
A Side-Quest Adventure for Levels 3-5
40+ Pages of Content & 45+ Full-Color Handouts
2-3 Sessions of Gameplay

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Key Features

Epic Sidequest

This adventure adds a satisfying conclusion to a location that surely intrigued players when they first discovered it. They will be able to reconnect with old allies and acquaintances, further explore the Mistwood Hollows, fight some new enemies, and solve the mystery of the Dark Tower.

Epic Storyline

First discovered along the road to Prondodol, the Dark Tower could not be entered. Now, coming across it once more, the party discovers somebody has interfered with the tower, and now dire deeds are taking place. Return to the Mistwood Hollows and uncover the mystery within the forests that the Witch-Queen Malvolana once claimed as her domain…

Consistent Design

If you are familiar with Red Star Rising, you know how we design our games to be friendly to both GM and player. Our mini-adventures follow the same design and include all of the things you would expect to find; location artwork, NPC portraits, special item cards, maps, and gooey reward cards. Our GM Reference and Adventure Books also follow the same format, making the game easy to run!


Digital Only

A Digital PDF of The Witch's Wrath - Pre Purchase.

Digital and Physical Version

A Physical Version and a Digital PDF copy of The Witch's Wrath - Pre Purchase.

About The Witch's Wrath

The evils of the past refuse to stay dead in this harrowing return to the Mistwood Hollows! Just when the young Hanataz thought they had escaped the dangers of the accursed wood, they are called back to confront a new threat that is steadily consuming the forest. Merchant caravans have gone missing as they pass beneath the fog-shrouded canopy, and something stirs amidst the ruins the world had hoped would lie forgotten...

Though a long-delayed meeting urgently beckons, old friends call for aid against the looming peril. Allies, strangers, and enemies alike fall to a terrible plague, but the source lies hidden behind an ever-expanding cloud that threatens to engulf the entire region. Can the hard-pressed young adventurers save the lost and destroy the hidden foe before a greater evil is unleashed? All their efforts may be in vain if they can’t...

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