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Our Philosophy and House Rules

A Free Booklet Explaining The Gooey Way
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Why We Do Things The Way We Do
Optional Rules to Implement

About Our Philosophy and House Rules

Every GM has their own way of running their games; we are no exception. The Philosophy and House Rules explains how we best like to run our games, and how Gooey Cube came to be. As GMs, we are always learning new ways to make better games for our players, and this document is a combination of decades of personal experience, trial and error, and the lessons we’ve managed to learn from expert GMs all over, known and unknown. We wanted to make sure that this material was available for anyone to download for free and know where we come from, or maybe even use in their own games.

Key Features

Not Sure You Want to Play Gooey Cube Products?

We hope our Philosophy and House Rules info-booklet will help you get some insight into how we do things, and will help you decide to play our games!



A Digital PDF of our Philosophy and House Rules.

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