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We are a small third-party TTRPG company that believes in significantly reducing your prep time as a GM and empowering you to focus on running your best game. To do this, we have crafted an ingenious product design and compelling story that includes everything you need, all in one box!

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What's in the Box?!

Red Star Rising is our flagship campaign set in our world of Zyathé. It is a heroic journey set over 7 chapter boxes containing 30-40+ hours of content! 

One spiral-bound Adventure Book containing the story you will tell your players.

One spiral-bound GM Reference Book containing all of the encounters and stats you need.

Every map you need, in GM and player versions.

NPC portraits for every character the players will meet, with key information on the back with space for notes.

Artwork handouts for every location, monster, and puzzle the players encounter.

Special item cards representing all the loot in a chapter, with an image and item description. Let the players keep them, and they will never forget what special effects an item has ever again!

Pregenerated characters that fit perfectly into the campaign that players can use or draw inspiration from.

Gooey Reward cards spice things up by expanding on inspiration, granting things like temporary hit points or advantage on initiate rolls.

Up your GM Game.

Lay the two books side-by-side to have the story on one page and the relevant stats on the other. No more flipping to find the monster you need or losing your place! Player knowledge, portrait/location/item cues, and more are indicated by our simply coded material; everything has been organized to make your life easier!

A Vast and Cataclysmic World Awaits!

Today Zyathé is known as the Wy’rded World, where contentious gods oversee a creation that is but a shadow of what it once was. The high races have fallen far from their once lofty positions, while those long relegated to the fringes grow in strength. Monstrous abominations stalk the wilds. Sovereignties, nation-states, tyrannies, and invaders clash on every continent. And in the depths of the Zyanduun, below the surface of the world, all manner of dark and horrible creatures contest with the peoples that live there. All is not lost, but the world has only just been pulled back from the brink of oblivion, and there are many forces that yet work to push it over the edge.
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Welcome to The Carnivalle!

We open our tale in a dark and dingy tavern. A bulky barman cleans a glass with a dirty rag. A hooded figure sits in a shadowed corner…

Wait! Rewind!

We actually open our tale in the bright and magical atmosphere of Carnivalle! Incredible physical feats, the Tent of Illusions, and mystical spell dancers and jesters await!

This diverse group of people is your family. You are Hanataz: the traveling folk of Zyathé. Outcast from society, you wander the lands of West Verdestia, putting on shows for your mockers.

Yet, it is almost Darktide’s Night, and the ominous Red Star above you shines brightly, foreshadowing evil times ahead. Your family is in danger. How far will you go to keep them safe?

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