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GooeyCube Presents... SCENESCAPES!

Explore the darkest forests and be truly immersed!

Though the once idyllic world of Zyathé was badly corrupted by the calamitous Woe of Ruin, it is now beautiful and terrifying in equal measure. From the lush forests of West Verdestia to the dark sands of Sundestia, there are traces of Zyathé’s dark past deeply infused into every corner of the world. Dangers abound, but those willing to face them are often rewarded with stunning vistas and astonishing landscapes. A wide-ranging traveler is likely to come across everything from an enchanting pool subtly glowing with forgotten magic, to a desolate wasteland where the wind seems to whisper forbidden secrets, to the bleak ruins of a towering castle so immense and intricately engraved that only the gods could have laid its foundations.

This collection of scenescapes will give you a glimpse of the varied and intriguing locales from around the world of Zyathé, and help you to immerse your players in whatever wondrous or sinister location they next encounter. Much greater detail may be found regarding the lore of these places in the Cyclopaedia Zyathica: Volumes I, II, and III, and many may be experienced across the chapters of the Red Star Rising campaign.

Additional scenescapes for this series are in production and will be added to the collection as they are finished. As there are so many wondrous places to show in Zyathé, our aim is to continue to expand the variety of scenescapes available to you, until there are hundreds of different locations for you and your players to visit.

Fields of the Dead

Jade Mountain

Lhansham Lake


The Avourda'maleu

The Bleakwood

Tower of Goo

The Valley of Smokes

Ebon Spire


The Torrent of Thunder

The Bu'underlun

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