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GooeyCube Presents... SCENESCAPES!

Explore the darkest forests and be truly immersed!
Your footfalls are worryingly loud as you take your first steps into the silent depths of the dungeon. For a moment, no other sounds compete with the distorted echoes of your boots against the rough-hewn stone floor, but slowly other noises intrude upon the sepulchral quiet. The slow, persistent drip of water down a passage to your left forms a steady drumbeat. Somewhere a wooden beam lets out a piteous, creaking groan: was it just the change in pressure as you entered, or is the ceiling truly stable? Then a muffled clatter; was the creak actually the opening of a door, and if so, who, or what else is moving about in this long-forgotten place? The stale air feels close and thick around you, each step forward risking a multitude of unknown threats. Only a fool would dare face the deadly traps and lurking monsters hidden in the lightless gloom, but then, that’s why a king’s ransom in glittering riches lies unclaimed deep below. Just a bit farther…







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