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GooeyCube Presents... SCENESCAPES!

Explore the darkest forests and be truly immersed!

The tantalizing scents of spiced meats, simmering stews, and fresh-baked flatbreads waft through the air. Gasps of amazement, rolling waves of laughter, the shouts of vendors, the roar of performing monsters, and the crackles and booms of magical displays overhead, among countless others, form a delightful cacophony all around. A riot of colorful tents, jangling costumes, and wondrous performances awaits at every turn. Welcome to the Carnivalle!

Chapter 1 of Gooey Cube’s Red Star Rising campaign takes place at a Carnivalle, a grand festival put on by the itinerant outcasts known as the Hanataz. Carnivalle is an extraordinary affair, filled with delicious food and drink, mind-blowing spectacles, exciting games, and performers that astound and amaze with their diverse array of talents. Set the scene for your players with ten magical scenescapes that will fully immerse them in the joyous atmosphere of the Carnivalle.

The Stage & The Old Oak

The Seeress Tent

The Tent of Illusions

The Tent of Jests


The Wagon of Tastes & Smiles

Seller's Row

The Puppet Show

The Tent of Veils

The Sky Magics

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