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Expansive & Immersive Adventures

Engaging stories and systems built to level up your game mastery.

Enthralling Tales that Save You Prep Time

Every adventure from Gooey Cube is a rich, deep tale with all manner of mystery, intrigue, strange characters, and incredible plot twists. Ready to go, out of the box. And it’s setting independent and tied to an incredible campaign. Plus, it’s designed to be an entertaining read for GMs!

A Unique GM Experience

Incredible tools to help you focus on the story and your players

The Adventure Book

These books are the cornerstone of our box sets, containing the main storyline campaign and everything you need to run it.

You can add to it, or just run it from the page; we’ve designed everything to cut your prep time. It’s 62 pages of gripping fictions, helpful advice and tools, and GM cues for our full-color illustration handouts included with every chapter. Gooey Cube Adventure Books help you tell the winding stories of the Hanataz while limiting the tedious and administrative parts of being a GM. From the spiral binding, that allows this book to sit flat next to the GM Reference; to highly detailed descriptions to use as you will; our Adventure Books are geared toward giving our GMs the materials they need to weave an EPIC tale that your players will talk about for years!
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The GM Reference Book

Over 70 pages of reference material: Battle Stats, Not-So-Random-Encounters, Monsters & Nemeses, NPC Descriptions & Backgrounds, Rumors & Lore, Major Player Secrets, and much more!

Our GM Reference Guide is packed full of lore, quick-adjusting stats, and extras that turn games into truly memorable experiences your players crave. You're equipped with Not-So-Random-Encounters (NSREs) and Gooey Additions create side stories and refreshing tangents. Battle Stats and encounter descriptions work in tandem with the Adventure Books to minimize page flipping and keep your table right in the action! There are also a host of different story threads and rumors, as well as new monster and NPC descriptions and backstories to make a living world that grows and evolves over time.
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62 Illustrated Handouts

Nearly every location map, encounter, puzzle, monster, ominous clearing, and more are available in a full color, 8.5” x 11” handout for you to present to your players.

The extensive handouts included with every adventure package are meant to produce an immersive experience. All of our artwork comes from real artists from all around the world in a variety of styles that you combine with your weaving tale.
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43 NPC Portraits

All of the significant NPCs that the players will encounter in the adventure are portraited. Plus, they have descriptions, info, and sometimes even stats on the back. Also, you get a cheat sheet to reference all NPCs on the fly!

They make roleplaying the NPCs easier while giving your players a character's true face with which to connect, complementing any level of roleplay or voice work you want to put in as the GM.
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Detailed Maps

Say goodbye to tracing paper and graph paper. We give you maps for both you and your players. Save time and give your players a better experience!

35 Special Item Cards

Every magic and interesting item from the adventure are provided in a standard card size with stats on the back, that fit nicely in card sleeves. No more players losing stats or forgetting the power of an item... well, at least less forgetting.

There is one thing that often entices players more than anything: loot. Every chapter bundle has a pack of Special Item Cards included that can be handed out to your party as they pick up items during their adventures. This allows players physically building their loot collections to see spoils pile up, rather than simply making a written entry for them on their character sheets.
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37 Gooey Rewards Cards

Add to the excitement of your game without unbalancing it with these intermediary reward cards!

These were innovated in our home games, and proved so popular that we brought them to Gooey Cube. Give them to players in-between leveling to reward them for problem solving, roleplay, combat excellence, achieving goals and objectives, and more. These incentives can make a quest feel truly heroic.
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24 Pre-Gen Story Based Characters

In the first chapter of our main campaign, you get an awesome array of fantastic Pregenerated Characters for your players. All with great stats, vivid portraits, character backgrounds, and player secrets. The Red Star Rising campaign has 24 incredible characters for your players.

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Chapter 1: The Darkest Dream

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