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GooeyCube Presents... SCENESCAPES!

Explore the darkest forests and be truly immersed!

Though they may all seem the same to a sheltered city-dweller, there are many different kinds of forests to be found across the world. Some are dark and foreboding, where claw-like branches press close and glowing pairs of eyes watch from every shadow. Others are steeped in magic, where glowing toadstools light the way to the hidden revels of the Fay’aree, and each step seems to take you further into another realm. Travelling adventurers are quite likely to enter the forests of Zyathé in their journeys, whether seeking treasures beneath the leafy canopy or simply passing through on the way to other destinations. What beasts lurk in the shadows? What monsters stalk the narrow, winding path in search of prey? Who else travels through these perilous parts? Not all woodland trails lead to danger, but each forest holds its own secrets beneath the shade of its boughs.

Let these scenescapes transport your players to the forests of Zyathé. Additional scenescapes for this series are in production and will be added to the collection as they become ready. There are many intriguing forests scattered across Zyathé, each with their own stories to tell.

The Stage & The Old Oak

The Seeress Tent

The Tent of Illusions

The Tent of Jests


The Wagon of Tastes & Smiles

Seller's Row

The Puppet Show

The Tent of Veils

The Sky Magics

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