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The Faermatra'az

A Player Race
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A New Race Created by the Ancient Etherns
Shapeshifting Spies and Infiltrators
Harrowing Intrigue & Amazing Roleplaying Opportunities

About The Faermatra'az

The Faermatra’az possess the incredible ability to shapeshift, adopting not only the appearance, but also the voice and mannerisms of other people. Beyond this, they have a range of fascinating magical defenses and abilities to ensure that they can accomplish whatever clandestine tasks are set before them.

Created using the highest cycles of magic by the toweringly arrogant Archmages of the Ethernic Empire, the Faermatra’az were molded into the ultimate tools for espionage, assassination, and infiltration. Unbeknownst to their creators, the shapshifters eventually became so intelligent and intuitive that they developed into a race of sentient hominids with desires and ambitions of their own. Finally freed when the apocalyptic Woe of Ruin destroyed their creators, the Faermatra’az demonstrated their resourcefulness by developing the means to propagate themselves, building a small yet stable population with a culture of their own. Now they live hidden amongst societies all across Zyathé, using their incredible abilities to hide in plain sight, for ends both fair and foul.

Key Features

Deception & Intrigue

The careful investigation, planning, subterfuge, and other interactions present unparalleled opportunities for fascinating roleplay to Faermatra’az characters. Though not suitable for all adventures, games with abundant political intrigue, unravelling conspiracies, and complex mysteries provide excellent avenues to explore this unique new race.

Extremely Adaptable

The Faermatra’az can completely change their appearance in a matter of moments, switching forms anywhere from a Halfling child to a Goruund Warrior. Furthermore, they can rapidly pick up the subtle nuances of language and expression needed to almost perfectly replace anyone. Even should they be caught, they can briefly calm and disorient any would-be pursuers, allowing them to make good an escape. With such abilities at their disposal, there are few situations in which a Faermatra’az can be caught off-guard for long.

Hunter, or Hunted?

In spite of the wondrous capabilities they are born with, the Faermatra’az live in constant fear of discovery. The prospect that friends and loved ones could be replaced by a shapeshifter with unknown motivations makes all other peoples of the world mistrust and vilify the Faermatra’az. Beyond this, the mechanical Inzandra’az, another people created by the Etherns, require the same vanishingly rare substance as the Faermatra’az to live, pitting the two against each other in an existential struggle for survival.


Digital Only

A Digital PDF of Zyathé Character Race: Faermatra'az.

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