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The Scundruze

A Player Race
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A New Race Made by the God of Death
A Secretive Culture With Mysterious Rituals
Dark & Unsettling Lore

About The Scundruze

Sinister and mysterious, the Scundruze possess a wide array of fascinating new abilities for players to consider, and enough lore to inspire countless characters.

Unlike every other god, Mal’uthuk was prohibited from participating in the creation of any race of people by The Creator. Indeed, he had been admonished by AvovA that the “Essence of Life” was not a part of his domain, and that it was not within his purview to have such a gift. Mal’uthuk, however, greatly wished to craft a people in his own image and likeness. Not only was it a slight to be singled out in this way, but in being denied the chance to bring forth a race upon Zyathé, he would not have any people predisposed to give him worship, and so would be perpetually among the weakest of the gods. He found a loophole, however, and brought the Scundruze into being. Find out how within these pages!

Key Features

Who Are the Scundruze?

The Scundruze are an outcast race, unable to integrate with the wider world. People fear them not only for their appearance but also the rumored way they create new Scundruze.

Are the Scundruze Evil?

With notable exceptions for true monstrous races, we try not to make a people in Zyathé completely evil. Through necessity the Scundruze have some dark practices, but this does not mean they all want to keep doing such. Some Scundruze are actively trying to find a more moral way to exist.

Highly Customizable

The feature "Birth Ritual" allows you to pick a trait based on how your soul was put into your body upon birth. Another feature called "Rebirth's Gift" allows for another choice of traits to allow for further customization based on what theme you want for your Scundruze.


Digital Only

A Digital PDF of Zyathé Character Race: Scundruze.

Digital & Physical

A Digital PDF & Physical Copy of Zyathé Character Race: Scundruze.

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