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The Inzandra’az

A Player Race
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A New Mechanical Race Made by an Ancient Civilization
Highly Customizable With Different Physical & Mental Traits
Lore Dating Back to the Ethernic Age

About The Inzandra’az

Once slaves, now relics of the Ethernic Age, the Inzandra’az are highly prized by some for their knowledge. Others hunt them in order to disassemble them for study, or steal the valuable Zytherium that pumps through their metal bodies. Now able to choose their own path, many Inzandra’az have learned how to defend themselves either physically, magically, or by creating technic machinations.

This marvelous “construct race” has many wonderful aspects that we think you will love. But not just attributes and abilities, but also lore that should help add to the backstories that you create.

Key Features

Who Are the Inzandra'az?

Long before the Etherns played at godhood and caused the Woe of Ruin, they played at creating life in their own image through technic artificery. At the height of the Ethernic civilization, nearly everyone in a position of wealth or power owned at least one custom-made Inzandra’az, as the artificial beings were named. Some still remain functional.

What Are the Inzandra'az?

Inzandra’az are a rare people across Zyathé, and should be treated as such by GM’s and players alike. Though their metal bodies can be created by anyone who has a working knowledge of technic artificery, creating a Zytherium core is a secret held by scant few living souls, if rumors are to be believed; the scholarly consensus is that it is an art wholly lost to history.

Inzandra'az Are Customizable

The feature "Designed for Success" allows you to pick a trait based on what you were physically designed for, such as extra speed or AC. Another feature called "Shaped by Experience" allows for a choice of experiential trait such as improved mental capabilities or extra languages.


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A Digital PDF of Zyathé Character Race: Inzandra’az.

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A Digital PDF & Physical Copy of Zyathé Character Race: Inzandra’az.

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