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The Fzou'ud

A Player Race
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A Highly Customizable New Undead “Race”
Start a New Character or Transform One After Death
Learn the Lore & Create a Unique Character

About The Fzou'ud

Death doesn’t have to be the end of an adventure, at least for the undead race known as the Fzou’ud! They were originally conceived of by the Lich Lord Kalnovich, leader of the cursed lands known as the Vile Desolation. Desirous of giving people a true life after death, he experimented with undead lineages, each time coming closer to restoring the true self to the dead.

Play as a new Fzou’ud, freshly freed from the shackles of life, or carry on an old character who has died an unfortunate death and has returned as a Fzou’ud. Customize how your character looks and acts with traits from various undead creatures such as zombies, vampires, and wraiths. Will you indulge in your new existence, or fight against what you have become?

Key Features

Who are the Fzou'ud?

The Fzou'ud starting being created from those who died in the Vile Desolation, a land tainted by undeath. The Lich Lord Kalnovich, who controls the region, experimented with ways to make better, smarter, and stronger Fzou'ud.

Are the Fzou'ud Evil?

With notable exceptions for true monstrous races, we try not to make a people in Zyathé completely evil. The Fzou'ud certainly lose a part of themself when they become undead, and many do become evil. However, some are more nuanced and hold enough of who they used to be to struggle against their new existence.

Highly Customizable

With a choice between Fleshbound and Spiritshade subraces atop whatever race you originally were, plus a choice of "Death's Gift" traits in each subrace, Fzou'ud can be very distinct from one another.


Digital Only

A Digital PDF version of Zyathé Character Race: Fzou'ud.

Digital & Physical

A Digital PDF & Physical Copy of Zyathé Character Race: Fzou'ud.

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