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Volume 2 of the Cyclopædia Zyathica

West Verdestia
Explore the Continent where “Red Star Rising” is set
Immersive Lore, Locations, & Story Hooks
350+ Pages of Content

What our fans say:

If you are a player like me, you ask a lot of questions. I ask everything from geographical, historical and about the people. If you have a player like me that loves to discover the lore of the land of the game they are in. Then this is the book for ...
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2 years ago

What you get:

Key Features

Explore the Nations of West Verdestia

Journey from the north, where the Orcish nation of Magronog is having something of a renaissance, through the Undead lands of the Vile Desolation, through the stagnating Zyranthean Republic, to Andvalla, where a new, beautiful Queen is transforming her nation. Cross over the Wyrmrest Mountains and visit the Leviathan Bay nations, with troubles of their own.

Uncover the Dark and Hidden Places

Many detailed locations are scattered through the book. Stumble upon places of wonder and intrigue, or fall into dark depths haunted by ill-meaning guardians.

Become Inspired by Plot-Hooks

With so many captivating locations with strange tales attached to them, it would be hard not to become inspired to expand upon the tale, roping players into investigating further.

Community Contributed Content

West Verdestia would not be what it is without all the contributions from our community members. We believe good tales become great tales when we work with those who have been inspired to write in our world!


Digital Only

A Digital PDF of Volume 2 of the Cyclopædia Zyathica - West Verdestia.

Digital & Physical

A Digital PDF & Physical Copy of Volume 2 of the Cyclopædia Zyathica - West Verdestia.

About Volume 2 of the Cyclopædia Zyathica

Welcome to the wondrous lands of Verdestia! This second volume of the Cyclopaedia Zyathica explores the western half of the sundered northern continent, granting a vivid glimpse of life in this fascinating, and often dangerous, corner of the Wy’rded World. From the decadent palaces of Andvalla to the tense streets of divided Trestoln, you will learn of the many nations, peoples, and landmarks of the realm known as the Wesverd. Trace the ancient history of this land through countless years of brutal conquests and heroic restorations, all leading to the current state of affairs, where shadowy politics and ancient rivalries are a given, and the next conflict is just one wrong step away. Yet things are no less exciting outside the civilized lands; all you could want to know and more of forgotten ruins, blasted wastelands, and hidden sanctuaries across West Verdestia may be found within these pages. All you could need to know to run your own campaign, or side adventures for Red Star Rising lies within these pages. Every nation, city, village, and small locality is written out in incredible detail, with story hooks ready for your imagination to expand upon!

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