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The Player Origins Bundle

The Fzou'ud, The Inzandra'az, & The Scundruze


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About The Player Origins Bundle

Get the Player Origins Bundle including:

- The Fzou'ud: An Undead race you can create from scratch or template over a recently deceased character.

- The Inzandra'az: A Mechanical race constructed by the long-dead Ethernic civilization.

- The Scundruze: A Living race that looks dead but isn't, created by Mal'uthuk, Lord of Death.

Key Features

The Fzou'ud

Death doesn’t have to be the end of an adventure, at least for the undead race known as the Fzou’ud! They were originally conceived of by the Lich Lord Kalnovich, leader of the cursed lands known as the Vile Desolation. Desirous of giving people a true life after death, he experimented with undead lineages, each time coming closer to restoring the true self to the dead.

The Inzandra'az

Once slaves, now relics of the Ethernic Age, the Inzandra’az are highly prized by some for their knowledge. Others hunt them in order to disassemble them for study, or steal the valuable Zytherium that pumps through their metal bodies. Now able to choose their own path, many Inzandra’az have learned how to defend themselves either physically, magically, or by creating technic machinations.

The Scundruze

Unlike every other god, Mal’uthuk was prohibited from participating in the creation of any race of people by The Creator. Indeed, he had been admonished by AvovA that the “Essence of Life” was not a part of his domain, and that it was not within his purview to have such a gift. Mal’uthuk, however, greatly wished to craft a people in his own image and likeness. Not only was it a slight to be singled out in this way, but in being denied the chance to bring forth a race upon Zyathé, he would not have any people predisposed to give him worship, and so would be perpetually among the weakest of the gods. He found a loophole, however, and brought the Scundruze into being.


Digital & Physical

A Digital & Physical of the Race Guides for:
- The Fzou'ud
- The Inzandra'az
- The Scundruze

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