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The City of Darkenhaven

A City Box Set
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Everything You Need to Play in Darkenhaven!
4 Books Accompanied by Beautiful Maps & Artwork!

About The City of Darkenhaven

Preorder Now and Save Money!

Prepare yourself to dive into The Darkenhaven City Box Set, the likes of which has not been seen since the days of yore! The City of Darkenhaven includes gaming materials with incredible imaginative detail to enable a total dive into places such as the high-end boutiques of Highgarden or the seedy taverns of Bu’uggerton. Enjoy four substantial books with rich descriptions and explanations of the lore, locations, resources, and personages of Darkenhaven, and stated and unstated game plot hooks which can be found everywhere. Immerse yourself in rich detail while not being pinned down, so there is plenty of room to weave your own tales!

Darkenhaven is the shining jewel of the Zyranthean Republic and is one of the most influential, affluent, and diverse capital cities in the world of Zyathé. Much intrigue and political machinations occur within the halls of the government, and many sinister plots may be uncovered in the alleys and smokey taverns that lie within the walls.

Key Features

Comprehensive City-Setting

Walk among dozens upon dozens of fully-developed shops, with even more distinctive NPCs to interact with - an entire city population's worth! From the history and development of the settlement, to its prominent citizens and districts, to its central role in the affairs of the Republic, to its economy and important landmarks, to its holidays and weather, and much, much more – everything you could possibly want to know is covered in extensive detail. Whether you are simply interested in the lore and culture of this great metropolis, or are looking to run adventures and encounters within Darkenhaven, this box has you covered. Countless hours of adventure await!

Pounds of Materials

Contains hundreds of pages of fabulous content in three full-color Reference Books and six full-color, beautifully-illustrated 17”x 22” maps of the city of Darkenhaven. Plus many wonderful full-color Location Artworks and over 100 NPC Portraits; 50+ detailed Special Item Cards; Gooey Rewards Cards; A dark and fearful city adventure; and so much more!

Maps Galore

No GM could resist the full-color, person-drawn maps of Darkenhaven city. Broken out into the town's cultured districts, or assembled together to show the vast network of completely populated streets for your players to explore.

City Among Worlds

While birthed in the magical world of Zyathé, this city can be brought into any other world, including your own! Packed with Not So Random Encounters, other plot hooks, unique NPCs, and inhabited buildings, Darkenhaven is a place for all to run into trouble, find fortune, and weave their tales at will.

Cut Down on Prep-Time

Our mission is to cut down on prep work and save GMs hours of effort. Our tales come with everything you need to run an adventure catered to your player group. Gooey Cube materials are presented in a sandbox structure that could have players wandering for hours, or structured sequentially at will for a master-crafted storyline.


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