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The City of Darkenhaven

A City Box Set


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Everything You Need to Play in Darkenhaven!
4 Books Accompanied by Beautiful Maps & Artwork!

About The City of Darkenhaven

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Prepare yourself to dive into The Darkenhaven City Box Set, the likes of which has not been seen since the days of yore! The City of Darkenhaven includes gaming materials with incredible imaginative detail to enable a total dive into places such as the high-end boutiques of Highgarden or the seedy taverns of Bu’uggerton. Enjoy four substantial books with rich descriptions and explanations of the lore, locations, resources, and personages of Darkenhaven, and stated and unstated game plot hooks which can be found everywhere. Immerse yourself in rich detail while not being pinned down, so there is plenty of room to weave your own tales!

Darkenhaven is the shining jewel of the Zyranthean Republic and is one of the most influential, affluent, and diverse capital cities in the world of Zyathé. Much intrigue and political machinations occur within the halls of the government, and many sinister plots may be uncovered in the alleys and smokey taverns that lie within the walls.

Key Features

4 Books, a Mini-Adventure, & Much More

Not only is there all the information a GM needs contained within the first three books, but we included a book just for players. In addition, we included a mini-adventure to ease you into Darkenhaven!

Everything You Need to Know About Darkenhaven

Whether you plan on setting an entire campaign within Darkenhaven, or are simply visiting for a few days, this box set contains all that you need to make Darkenhaven come to life. Your players will feel immersed as they explore the different districts, and visit places they have only heard rumors of in passing!

An Old-School Style City Box Set

We believe in going the extra mile here at Gooey Cube, and what better way to go big or go home than taking inspiration from the old city box sets? The like just isn't made anymore - until now!


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