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The Coldest of Blood: Special Item Cards

Duplicate Cards For Chapter Three
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Whether you need to replace your cards or just need duplicates, we have you covered!

About The Coldest of Blood: Special Item Cards

There are magical moments in every campaign where a player devises a brilliant plan, engages in roleplay worthy of the finest actors, or makes an impossible roll to save the day. We at Gooey Cube love to celebrate those moments with rewards that are equally exciting. Gooey Rewards Cards provide GMs a wide range of interesting bonuses to award players for exceptional engagement with the game. Some are small but permanent buffs for a player’s character, while others provide more substantial, one-time boons to be used at a critical moment. However, as with all such handouts, there is the possibility that they will get lost, torn, dirtied, or otherwise ruined. You may even simply wish to have a second set to reference while your players hold onto the copies they’ve been awarded. Whatever the reason, this pack provides you an extra set of the Gooey Rewards Cards from Chapter Three: The Coldest of Blood.

Key Features

Lose Some Cards? Or Just Need More?

Whether you're running Red Star Rising for multiple people, have lost some cards down the back of the couch, or your dog/cat/goat has eaten them (we get it, it happens), we have you covered with these replacement cards.


Digital Only

A Digital PDF of the Special Item Cards from The Coldest of Blood: Chapter 3 of the Red Star Rising.

Physical & Digital

A Physical set & Digital PDF Copy of the Special Item Cards from The Coldest of Blood: Chapter 3 of the Red Star Rising.

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