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The Foulest of Spirits: Special Item Cards

Duplicate Cards For Chapter Two
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Whether you need to replace your cards or just need duplicates, we have you covered!

About The Foulest of Spirits: Special Item Cards

You can never have enough loot. In each of our adventure boxes we include a set of item card handouts for GMs to give players, providing a beautiful illustration, concise description, and full rules for each noteworthy item players might acquire during the chapter. However, there’s always a danger with handouts that they get lost, bent, or covered in snack grime. Alternatively, you may wish to keep a copy of the item cards for yourself, even while your players hold onto them for the duration of the campaign. Or maybe you need another set so you can use your favorite magical swords and potions in a different adventure. Whatever the case, this pack of Special Item cards for Chapter Two: The Foulest of Spirits gives you an extra set of the cards from that chapter.

Key Features

Lose Some Cards? Or Just Need More?

Whether you're running Red Star Rising for multiple people, have lost some cards down the back of the couch, or your dog/cat/goat has eaten them (we get it, it happens), we have you covered with these replacement cards.


Digital Only

A Digital PDF of the Special Item Cards from The Foulest of Spirits: Chapter 2 of the Red Star Rising.

Physical & Digital

A Physical set & Digital PDF Copy of the Special Item Cards from The Foulest of Spirits: Chapter 2 of the Red Star Rising.

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