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Harry's Miniatures - Myron The Ugly Troll

Myron, Myron...
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Bring Myron to Life With This Awesome Mini!
32mm Scale
Sculpted by Harry Coit

About Harry's Miniatures - Myron The Ugly Troll

Sing it with us now!

There were an old troll named Myron… T’was a surly old troll it’s true;

He lived down under Farley’s Bridge… T’would take a toll er two!

He were a nasty cusser… With a big-ol’ warty nose;

When he would pick a boogie… He’d wipe it on his clothes!

Oh My-ron… My-ron… Myron the ugly troll

His face looks like a pile o’ puke… He smells like a bunger hole.

When he comes a callin’… Ya better pay the price….

Or he’ll put you in his boilin’ pot… An’ eat ya by the slice!

Key Features

Myron The Ugly Troll

Myron is a troll so famed that bards all over Zyathé sing his tale. Encountered in Red Star Rising Chapter Two: The Foulest of Spririts, Myron is absolutely unforgettable!



.STL file for miniature of Myron The Ugly Troll

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