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Dungeon of Du'unix

A classically inspired and horrific dungeon
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A Challenging Dungeon Adventure for Levels 8-10
Over 70 Pages of Depth-Defying Content & 60+ Full-Color Handouts
3 - 5 Sessions of Gameplay

About Dungeon of Du'unix

The Dungeon of Du’unix is a fabulous tale that will match your higher-level Player Characters against a dangerous foe in the depths beneath the infamous “mountain” which is named Mu’uz Derron. This location is quite famed in West Verdestia — the Zyathic continent upon which it resides — and is fairly well known throughout the civilized world.

Key Features

Epic Adventure

The Dungeon of Du’unix was originally conceived for a live-stream on our Gooey Cube Twitch Channel (Twitch.TV/TheGooeyCube). Thereafter, we took it to a number of conventions where it became a very popular tabletop quest adventure where players would join others and battle through the terrors of this fantastic and fearful location. Then, when Dave Taylor and Jeff Hall asked us to show off the massive dungeon build in their newly crafted Tremendous Tome of Epic Dungeons, we determined to make it into a full-blown, published adventure. As such, here is the Dungeon of Du’unix in all its glory for you and your players to... well... enjoy. Though they could die down there. And we all know that dying isn’t very enjoyable. But no matter.

Epic Storyline

The Dungeon of Du’unix is one of many ruined locations buried beneath the imposing peak of Mu’uz Derron, an unnatural mountain that formed when one of the great floating cities of the Ethernic civi- lization toppled over and crashed during the calamitous Woe of Ruin over 1,000 years ago. Despite the destruction unleashed by such a catastrophic event, the lingering magicks of the fallen edifice continue to seep out of the corrupted summit, blanching the surrounding hills and twisting what life remains into monstrous new forms. However, there are those wicked and foolish enough to seek out the power that remains in the depths of Mu’uz Derron.

Consistent Design

If you are familiar with Red Star Rising, you know how we design our games to be friendly to both GM and player. Our adventures all follow the same design and include all of the things you would expect to find; location artwork, NPC portraits, special item cards, maps, and gooey reward cards. Our GM Reference and Adventure Books also follow the same format, making the game easy to run!


Digital Only

A Digital PDF of Dungeon of Du'unix.

Physical & Digital

A Digital PDF & Physical Copy of Dungeon of Du'unix.

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