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Darktide’s Night - Physical Version

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A Side-Quest Adventure During Chapter Two of Red Star Rising
10 Pages of Creepy Content & 20+ Full-Color Handouts
1 Session of Gameplay

About Darktide’s Night - Physical Version

Bonus content for The Foulest of Spirits. The Red Star looms high in the night sky and the world is bathed in an angry crimson glow. The forest is alive with the noises of beasts – and worse – as the magicks of Darktide and the leering red face staring down from above whips them into a frenzy. Specters and apparitions glide amongst the wagons while the shuffling steps of soulless wanderers can be heard just beyond the lantern’s light. What will you do?

Key Features

Welcome to The Treehouse of Horrors

The home of the now infamous Darktide Teddy, this side-quest requires some puzzle-solving aptitude as player make their way through a grim treehouse full of ghastly scenarios.



A limited-time offering for the physical version of Darktide's Night

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