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Character Folio - Pre-Generated

An Elegant Character Sheet Solution


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Choose One of Our Pre-Generated Character Portraits to Represent Your Character
11 Pages for Maximum Organization
Beautiful Design & Functionality

About Character Folio - Pre-Generated

Creating our characters is one of the most fun parts of playing. What better way to commemorate the beguiling new character you’ve created than by immortalizing them in a Premium Character Folio? Each page of this awesome folio has been meticulously designed for maximum utility to make playing your character as intuitive as possible.

Simply choose your preferred avatar to choose the portrait that best represents your character and your gorgeous, Premium Folio is ready!

Key Features

Folio Options

The portraits above show the available character art options.

Folio Options

The portraits above show the available character art options.

Multiple Options

Use the images above to determine which Folio number you want.


Pre-gen 1 -

Pre-gen 2

Pre-gen 3

Pre-gen 4

Pre-gen 5

Pre-gen 6

Pre-gen 7

Pre-gen 8

Pre-gen 9

Pre-gen 10

Pre-gen 11

Pre-gen 12

Pre-gen 13

Pre-gen 14

Pre-gen 15

Pre-gen 16

Pre-gen 17

Pre-gen 18

Pre-gen 19

Pre-gen 20

Pre-gen 21

Pre-gen 22

Pre-gen 23

Pre-gen 24

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