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The Spawn of Zanvitchu

Chapter Five of the Red Star Rising Campaign
An Immersive, Ready-to-Play 5e Campaign Set in the World of Zyathé
Over 150 Pages of Captivating Content & 120+ Full-Color Handouts
30+ Hours of Gameplay

What our fans say:

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The cover artwork is awesome ! I collect D&D as an investment, so I don't open the books.

6 months ago

Key Features

Epic Campaign

Our flagship campaign, Red Star Rising, spans many chapters, providing your table with months or even years of content. Chapter Five is a wonderful addition to the beloved Red Star Rising Campaign.

Epic Storyline

Delve into an awesome, old-school dungeon to find what is needed to free the players from the mists they have become ensnared within. Will they survive the horrors below?

Cut Down on Prep-Time

Our mission is to cut down on prep work and save GMs hours of effort. Each chapter comes with everything you need to run an adventure, with an adventure book, GM reference book, pre-generated character sheets, NPC portraits, maps, locality art, item cards, and a set of “gooey rewards.”


Digital & Physical Pre-Order

Pre-order a Digital & Physical Copy of Chapter 5: The Spawn of Zanvitchu.


Order a Digital Only version of Chapter 5: The Spawn of Zanvitchu.

About The Spawn of Zanvitchu

Welcome back Game Master! Chapter 5 of the Red Star Rising campaign awaits. Your players are trapped within a deadly mist and have only recently been given hope of escape. There are friends and loved ones to avenge and rescue, once they defeat the mist, but first...let us tell you a tale meant for your eyes only. What would you do if you found that you were the fox and not the hound? That is the situation that three friends and adventurers from Prondadol find themselves in. They just don’t know it yet...

This chapter of the Red Star Rising campaign once again changes gears from the style of previous installments. Throughout previous chapters, there have been a number of small dungeons encountered amidst more sandbox spaces. By contrast, the Spawn of Zanvithu takes place almost entirely in a dungeon setting. This will mean that the players will have to proceed through the dungeon to make any progress; there will be little room for open-ended exploration, and the dangers of each room will have to be faced directly to claim freedom from the Dreadmist.

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