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Sticky Dungeon Bundle

A sticky bundle of some of our latest side adventures.


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Delve the terrifying depths and explore treacherous dungeons.

About Sticky Dungeon Bundle

Get the Sticky Dungeon Bundle including:
- The Dungeon of Du'unix Side Adventure - both Physical and Digital
- The Darkness in Genzacon Limited Edition Side Adventure - Physical
- The Darkness in Genzacon Standard Edition Side Adventure - Digital (upon its release in October 2023)
- One free so sticky pin included - $15 Value
- Perfect for characters of levels 7 - 10

Dungeon of Du'unix Side Adventure

The Dungeon of Du’unix is a fabulous tale that will match your higher-level Player Characters against a dangerous foe in the depths beneath the infamous “mountain” which is named Mu’uz Derron. This location is quite famed in West Verdestia — the Zyathic continent upon which it resides — and is fairly well known throughout the civilized world.

Limited Edition - Darkness in Genzacon Side Adventure

The call goes out for brave adventurers to return to the great citadel of Genzacon. A strange passageway descending into the unknown reaches below has been discovered beneath the fortress. It is unknown whether it leads to forgotten relics, or might provide dangerously unguarded access to Genzacon, but in either case finding out will be anything but straightforward.

Tasked with following the well passage to its end, you’ll need to contend with ancient magicks gone awry, potent guardians eager for battle, and a series of enigmatic locks that bar your way. Yet even if you manage to reach the bottom, you may well find a horror that the world wishes had remained buried...

The Limited Edition Darkness in Genzacon includes wonderful portraits adapted from some of our favorite Gen Con staff member's likenesses! The Limited Edition is only available through the end of September, when the portraits will be switched out for our standard edition. Don't wait on this one-of-a-kind deal!

So Sticky pin

Sticky. Get it? It's a pin. Anyways, show all your friends and players with this flashy pin you're the best kind of game master: so sticky!

Key Features

Includes Two Great Dungeon Crawls

This bundle included two incredible dungeon crawl side adventures that are sure to keep your players enthralled for hours.

Free So Sticky Pin

Collectable, fashionable and perfect for any dungeon master. A $15 value, completely free in this bundle.


Digital & Physical

Digital & Physical Versions of:
- Dungeon of Du'unix
- Darkness in Genzacon
- Free So Sticky Pin

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