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Shadows in Genzacon

A Murder-Mystery Mini-Campaign
A Mystery Adventure in an Underground Citadel for Levels 6-8
Over 90 Pages of Mystery-Solving Content & 60+ Full-Color Handouts
3 - 5 Sessions of Gameplay

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Key Features

Epic Adventure

First released at Gencon '22 to great success (we won an award!), Shadows of Genzacon is our first truly standalone adventure set in Zyathé. Set in a huge citadel within the Gloomport, players can freely explore while they figure out who-dunnit!

Epic Storyline

In this adventure, foul schemes are afoot, and those at the table are encouraged to use their reasoning and insight to uncover a terrible plot set in place by shadowy actors who wish all involved nothing but ill. Never fear, however... there is also plenty of action—battles to let the PCs exercise their combat abilities and certain vile characters who richly deserve to be beaten!

Consistent Design

If you are familiar with Red Star Rising, you know how we design our games to be friendly to both GM and player. Our adventures all follow the same design and include all of the things you would expect to find; location artwork, NPC portraits, special item cards, maps, and gooey reward cards. Our GM Reference and Adventure Books also follow the same format, making the game easy to run!


Digital Only

A Digital PDF of Shadows in Genzacon.

Physical & Digital

A Digital PDF & Physical Copy of Shadows in Genzacon.

About Shadows in Genzacon

The citadel of Genzacon looms over the Gloomport beneath Darkenhaven, standing watch against the horrors which periodically emerge from the passage leading into the Underdelve. Yet all is not well in the formidable keep, as there has been a murder amongst the leadership of the Genzacon Guard.

Charged with investigating this unusual killing, you swiftly find that the situation is far more tenuous than you could have imagined. Several others have gone missing in recent days, ever more deadly foes assail the gates, and suspicion is building between life-long allies. The evidence is there to unravel the mystery of the castle, but can you put the pieces together in time?

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