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Wy'rded Magicks & The Witch's Wrath

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About Wy'rded Magicks & The Witch's Wrath

For A Limited Time Only!
If you pre-purchase both Cyclopaedia Magicka Volume One: Wy'rded Magicks, and the side-quest The Witch's Wrath, you will receive a FREE physical copy of Darktide's Night!

Thus far, we have never offered physical copies of Darktide's Night online, but only as a free digital download. This is a very special offer, as we will not be printing any more physical copies of Darktide's Night. So add to your collection now with this exclusive deal!

Wy'rded Magicks

Whether you are a budding apprentice or sagely veteran, you are sure to discover many secrets inside this tome. Discover the magical mysteries of the Eterniverse and the source of magic within Zyathé. Learn how to apply each caste, or school, of magic to your brand of spellcasting. Find out how different cultures within the world view various types of magic. Study the wonders created by a dead civilization, now unrepeatable after a great cataclysm rendered such things impossible. Master the skills of mining, cutting, and using Flowstones. Obtain magical items and powerful artifacts to use in your adventures. Journey in your mind’s eye through magical institutions and regions. Learn about many powerful spellcasters that you may encounter throughout Zyathé. Become one of the six new classes or one of the fourteen new archetypes for classes old and new. Add some of the many new spells to your repertoire. Discover how magic can go awry with Fractal and Corrupt influences on the Everflow. Want a new familiar? We have those! And if you must, find many patrons to sign a pact with. Wy'rded Magicks has all of this information and more within its mystical pages.

The Witch's Wrath

First discovered along the road to Prondodol, the Dark Tower could not be entered. Now, coming across it once more, the party discovers somebody has interfered with the tower, and now dire deeds are taking place. Return to the Mistwood Hollows and uncover the mystery within the forests that the Witch-Queen Malvolana once claimed as her domain…

Darktide's Night

Free bonus content for The Foulest of Spirits. The Red Star looms high in the night sky and the world is bathed in an angry crimson glow. The forest is alive with the noises of beasts – and worse – as the magicks of Darktide and the leering red face staring down from above whips them into a frenzy. Specters and apparitions glide amongst the wagons while the shuffling steps of soulless wanderers can be heard just beyond the lantern’s light. What will you do?

Key Features

Delve into Magicka

6 New Magical Classes, 14 New Magical Archetypes, 140+ Magic Items, and 110+ Spells & More. Compatible with other settings.

Revisit a Location Once Barred

The Witch's Wrath lets you return to the Dark Tower you likely discovered on the way to Prondodol. You could not enter then, but some mysterious entity has opened it since you were last here.

Make Friends With the Darktide Teddy!

The absolutely adorable Darktide Teddy awaits you in this exclusive physical version of Darktide's Night.


Digital & Physical

A Digital & Physical version of:
- Cyclopaedia Magicka Volume One: Wy'rded Magicks
- The Witch's Wrath

A Physical version of:
- Darktide's Night

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