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Legends, Lore & Libations

A Novel Set in Zyathé
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A masterfully written novel set in the lands of the Zyranthean Republic

About Legends, Lore & Libations

Welcome to the Zyranthean Republic, Traveler!

The Zyranthean Republic is one of the most powerful nations of West Verdestia. As wondrous as it is dangerous, very few people get the opportunity to traverse its trade ways and terrain. In this journal, you too can take a journey that only merchants and adventurers have experienced before.

As seen through the eyes of Wyn’este Sanyalea, ranger and adventurer, get a close-up view of the Republic, and what it might be like to live there. His adventures will take you to great cities, small villages, expansive grasslands, winding rivers, fey forests, and the highest mountain peaks. Along the way, you will discover great gastronomical delights and rare libations, eloquently described to make your mouth water. Also recounted are a number of thrilling and nail-biting encounters with the more monstrous denizens of the Republic.


But What is This, Really?

This is the first novel published by Gooey Cube, brilliantly written by long-time contributor and fan, Keith Garrigan. It is presented as a travel journal of a young adventurer as he seeks purpose in the world. He recounts his journey through the lands of the Zyranthean Republic, and you can follow in his epic deeds and narrow escapes.

Key Features

A Can't-Put-It-Down Read!

This novel was written by Keith Garrigan, who is an exceptional writer. His words will captivate you as you wonder what comes next in the adventures of his character, Wyn'este Sanyalea.


Digital Only

The Digital only version of Legends, Lore, & Libations.

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Digital & Physical

The Digital and Physical versions of Legends, Lore, & Libations.

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