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Green Deck of Perilous Fortuity

Test Your Luck and Skill!
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One of Our 72-Card Decks
An In-Zyathé Game for your Characters to Play
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About Green Deck of Perilous Fortuity

The Deck of Perilous Fortuity is the preferred card set for the World of Zyathé. It is also called The Deck of Fools, The Dragon Deck, The Deck of Chances, and more than a few profane names. The deck is unlike the card decks of our world. The Deck of Perilous Fortuity contains 72 cards not 52 (or 54) and the suits are Flames, Stones, Waves, and Winds. The deck has five face cards which are Dragons, Crowns, Wizards, Knights, and Rogues, and ten number cards but no “aces” as the “one card” is called a Nub and typically not played as both 1 and 11. There are also four Jester cards and one Fool card that are used in most games. We have published rules for a number of games along with the deck. It’s likely you will find them quite enjoyable. This is the Green Deck version.

The Deck of Perilous Fortuity has a long and storied history in the world of Zyathé. It has been postulated about by philosophers, revered by sovereigns and nobles, mystified by fortune–tellers, and reviled by those who see gambling as an evil vice.

The deck in its current form is said to date back to the ancient sovereignties of sages’ lore and the many games that are played with it have been passed down through generation after generation. It's origins have been attributed to various gods, such as Jinxx, Kizmya, and Drunge. Others say that the mortal Sage of Ancient Lore, Oliver Oddyness was the true creator of the deck.

Whatever its origins (or its name), The Deck of Perilous Fortuity is widely considered the most popular gaming deck in the entire known world.

Key Features

72 cards

The Deck has 72 cards, far more than any traditional deck of cards. The inhabitants of Zyathé remove some of these cards for some of their games, however, and you can do the same to play Earth games!

Stunning Design

As always with anything we do, art takes a high priority! Not only are the face cards exquisitely painted, but the number cards and the backing have been treated with the same level of care. We challenge you to find a better-looking set of playing cards. We're waiting.

Play Zyathic Games

We have published rules for games such as Fools Down, and Conundruze, which you can find on this website.


Green Deck

A single deck of the Deck of Perilous Fortuity with a green card back design.

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