East Verdestia Map Pack Convention


The East Verdestia Map Pack

The East Verdestia Map Pack divides the Esenverd into nine sections, showing each region of the continent in full-color and striking detail. Each poster-sized map is hand illustrated and presented in ¾ map format with dimensional elements that create both a fantastical and vintage look and feel. Scrutinize the busy ports of Dawnven and the burgeoning cities of Vanzentea. Survey the vast expanses of the Vyndraxian Tundra, and ponder the mysteries of the foreboding forest of Avourda’maleu. Trace the expansion of the dreaded Vilandean Empire, while contemplating the dangers and glories lurking within the marshes of Essthenassa. Explore the incredible adventures that await in these lands, and many others of the Esenverd. Seek them out if you have the mettle.

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