The Official Adventure-Homage & Campaign Setting Honoring Gary Gygax.
Exclusive collector's edition available only as part of this crowdfund project.

Late Backing Period Now Open. Late Backing Ends June 30th, 2024.

Over $635,000 raised in the Kickstarter with nearly 3,000 Backers!!

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The Official, Collectible Tomb of Gyzaengaxx Mega-Adventure and the Gyzaengaxx Environs Box-Set Campaign... An Homage to Gary Gygax!

And now is your last opportunity to get the special Collector’s Editions.

Materials designed to enthrall players while also dramatically cutting GM prep time!

Like all our creations, The Tomb of Gyzaengaxx Adventure and The Environs of Gyzaengaxx Campaign Setting will bring an incredible array of adventures for your table to immerse and enthrall your players. Plus our adventures and settings are always filled with full-color event and encounter Art Handouts, amazing NPC Portraits, stunning full-color Maps, fantastic Magic Item Cards, game-enhancing Gooey Rewards Cards, and so much more. All designed to help make your life easier as a GM and to help you run more experiential and fun games for your players! 

A Fantastic Adventure & Fabulous Campaign Setting you and your players will love!

The Tomb of Gyzaengaxx Mega-Adventure and the Gyzaengaxx Environs Campaign Setting Box Set will bring many tales to enthrall your players. The adventure is challenging, lampoony, mysterious, and grimdark... and is set in a most intriguing and dangerous regional territory filled with many monsters, magicks, and marvelousness that harken back to the history of TTRPGs. Together the adventure and setting will provide many hours of gaming fun for your table. You can use these materials in Gooey Cube's World of Zyathé or Gaxxworx's World of Okkorim, or adapt them for use in your own world as you desire!

Plus, as we noted above, the adventure and campaign setting are a true collectible with the special Limited Edition set available only as part of this crowdfund project.

This is your Last Chance to get the Special Collector’s Edition of the Gyzaengaxx materials. Available ONLY if you Late-Back now.

We are excited to present the highly anticipated, limited edition, Adventure & Campaign Setting authored by Luke Gygax and Alphinius Goo. For 5E DnD, OSE, and similar systems.

But to get the special Collector’s Editions you must now.

Plus our Stretch Goals are AMAZING!! And Late-Backers get them too!!

Go to the bottom of this page to see all the tiers we've already unlocked. There are already hundreds of $$$ in value depending on how you back. Seriously. They're fabulous.

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We will be adding to the already massive Stretch Goal haul for ALL backers based on the Late Backer Pledges AND Add-Ons by backers to give you even more value!! The Progress Chart below will be updated daily to keep you appraised of the new daily totals.
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We have set up a program so that backers who refer their friends to Late Back this crowdfund get credit for doing so in the form of a special gift. This gift is The Art & Secrets of Gyzaengaxx and it will be a truly special collectible.

And if you back the crowdfund — and then refer a friend after doing so — you can get one of these marvelous gifts as well!! See below for the details....

The Art & Secrets of Gyzaengaxx is a very special over-sized "coffee-table book" that will contain many art pieces from the Gyzaengaxx tales.

But beyond this, the tome will also bring much lore and legend from the earlier days of this marvelous game we all love. There will be "nods" and "Easter Eggs" and other such wonderful little bits of information from Luke and Alphinius along with "inside information" on Gyzaengaxx that will only be available in this book.

The Art & Secrets of Gyzaengaxx will also be autographed by Luke and Alphinius and will be offered in very limited quantities.

This marvelous art-tome is a $100 value with the autographs by Luke and Alphinius, but given that it will be produced in a very small quantity, the true value is likely much more than that for those who (like we do) love to collect such things.

Now, if you backed the crowdfund, you will be able to purchase one of these marvelous tomes with the autographs as an Add-On at a significant discount depending on the level which you backed.

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Please know that the person who has been referred must back at the Adventure & Campaign level or above for you (as the referrer) to receive the tome for free. Backing at the Adventure-Only level, or at the Campaign-Only level, will not qualify you for the free copy of the tome.


If you are the Late-Backer who was referred by a friend, for your friend to get credit for the referral, you must fill out the referral form on this page either before or after you make your Late-Backer pledge. Be sure to put in your name and email address, and your friend’s name and email address, in the appropriate fields. If you don't do this, your friend won't get credit for the referral.

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Press on, adventurer, a grand tale awaits!

"Listen to me now... you will never find another place so filled with miscreants and evil-doers... each of them most eager to cut your throat for a single copper. I implore you my friend, don't go near Blun if you value your life and the lives of your companions."

-- Rirandral the Bard of Etholmm

Gyzaengaxx... A most special campaign setting and a magnificent adventure.

Hail friends!! You have come upon something truly amazing  here... Gooey Cube has teamed up with Luke Gygax, son of Gary Gygax, and Gaxxworx for this very special crowdfund campaign. In this project we shall bring you an enthralling, fearful, mysterious, and lampoony adventure and campaign setting honoring Gary, the co-creator of the greatest game ever played. Indeed, in phase 1 we raised over $630,000 and already have the support of thousands of backers.

But time is running out for you to get the special collector’s editions of the materials AND also get the tremendous Stretch Goal haul.

This incredible collectible (and eminently playable) mega-adventure and campaign region will be a treasure in your TTRPG materials. Indeed, beyond the dark and wondrous tales, you and your players will love all the “Easter Eggs” and nods to the history of TTRPGs herein. Beyond this, it will feature as NPCs more than a few of the talented individuals who have contributed to the game over the years.

And remember... you can only get the special Collector's Edition by backing this crowdfund! 
Plus you'll get so much added value in the stretch goals as well! 

Game Legends as characters in the tales!

Perhaps best of all, the campaign setting and mega-adventure will feature many wonderful legends of the game who are appearing as characters in the tales. Look below to see the many amazing people who we are proud to honor herein.

And our Stretch Goals and Add-Ons have ridiculous value!! Check out all we are offering in this marvelous crowdfund.

And may all your adventures... be sticky!

Get the Mega-Adventure... Get the Campaign... or Get the Campaign Setting with the Mega-Adventure in a bundle!

Plus... the higher your Late-Backer pledge, the better your stretch goals!

The rewards are set up to give you the option of getting either the adventure only... getting the campaign set only... or getting the campaign setting with the adventure in a bundle with added stretch goals for those who back at higher tiers. Now please explore below to see the fantastic materials that are included in both the campaign setting and the adventure.

The Environs of Gyzaengaxx Campaign is a dark, dangerous, funny, and fabulous setting that can be set in any world!

This wonderful, wild, fearful, and lampoony campaign setting will cover the environs around The Tomb of Gyzaengaxx in glorious detail. Herein you will learn of the Village of Etholmm… where many intriguing locations and personages may be found; The Village of Blun… where more than a few dangerous and vile individuals congregate — all with fearful motivations; the dark temple where much evil is said to emanate from; as well as a significant number of other fantastical, mysterious, whimsical, and intriguing locations.

Indeed herein are many fearful ruins... dark dungeons... deeping caverns... and other marvelous localities just awaiting your adventurers to explore — with all manner of maps and handouts supporting the tales. Plus the setting will also bring a number of new monsters, new spells and magic items, special NPCs, and other marvelous things.

The box set will consist of a massive Lore Book, a Game Master Reference Book, many full-color Art Handouts, fabulous Color Maps, NPC Portraits, Magic Item Cards, and much, much more. Designed to work with and fully support the Tomb of Gyzaengaxx mega-adventure, there will be all manner of side tales and quests for players to experience contained therein.

Beyond this, you'll also get the fabulous player's guide: "Lore Long Lost" which contains a wonderful and fearful account by a certain explorer who knows much of the goings on in the Environs of Gyzaengaxx. This fabulous sketch book and journal will bring much enjoyable reading for both you and your players. And the tales therein work into the overall campaign.

A general representation of the contents of the campaign box set is shown below.

The Fabulous Tomb of Gyzaengaxx Mega-Adventure

(For Character Levels 6 to 8)

Hear now of the horrendous, historic, and somewhat hilarious opening of the Tomb of Gyzaengaxx — what was once a keep where the great wizard, Garold Gyzaengaxx  held sway. But some years past, Garold disappeared, and the keep became a place of much terrifying rumor. Indeed, many deadly monsters, puzzling traps, magical maladies, dark characters, and a most intriguing mystery may be found herein.

Even more, the mysterious stronghold is surrounded by shadowy and obscure environs, including a grim and shrouded forest. Nearby is the village of Etholmm… where many intriguing locations and personages may be found. Also in the area is the wicked village of Blun… where more than a few dangerous and vile individuals congregate — all with fearful motivations. And far, far worse, a dark temple is rumored to loom in the distance, where much evil is said to emanate from... 

Yes, brave adventurers, will you accept the task set before you by the Gyzaengaxx family  to disturb the ancient and nefarious powers that abide in the mysterious keep...with the hope of great reward?

Or will you succumb to deep horrors and twisted plots?

Continue on and find out...

For this is a tale you must discover for yourself...

This fantastical mega-adventure will contain all manner of “Easter Eggs” from the early years of the game that Gary Gygax co-created. The story will be truly magnificent, and you and your players will absolutely love all the color Art Handouts, Magic Item cards, NPC Character Portraits, Gooey Rewards cards, and so much more that will be contained in the module.

A truly enthralling tale your players will LOVE!

The Tomb of Gyzaengaxx mega-adventure contains an incredible assortment of materials to cut your prep time and add to the immersive experience of the adventure. And the story is mysterious, fearful, and totally fun. You and your players are going to love it!

The adventure will take your intrepid adventurers on a quest to discover what has happened to the long-missing archmage, Garold Gyzaengaxx. The tale will begin with a challenging overland jaunt from Etholmm to the wizard's tower at the foot of the Mithril Mountains. Once there, the party must infiltrate and explore said tower despite it being guarded by a fearsome collection of strange creatures, terrifying monsters, and more than a few traps and puzzles.

As they search therein, they will likely encounter the Ghost of Garold Gyzaengaxx and learn much about what has happened within the wizard's abode. Indeed... they will uncover a fearful mystery... with dire implications for the entire sovereignty. But the key to solving the puzzle will take them deep into the dungeons beneath the wizard's tower where a most powerful and sinister opponent may be found. Then... just when they think they may have the answers... they will learn of an evil temple that has only recently been raised in the area. 

A tremendous Tool Box that makes running the game much easier!

This comprehensive set has both an Adventure Guide and GM Reference Manual, designed to work side-by-side behind your screen to make running the game far easier. And we truly believe you will love the reading of the tale as much as your players will love playing the adventure! The adventure will bring many wonderful hours of game play as the party explores the dark forest surrounding the tower... the keep itself... and the massive dungeon beneath it. The story can also be significantly expanded on using the materials in the Gyzaengaxx Campaign Box Set.

Within the Tomb of Gyzaengaxx, you'll discover a generous collection of no less than 35 (and likely more depending on stretch goals) exquisite, full-color art handouts to enhance your players' immersion as the adventure unfolds. As with all our arts, these images are all skillfully illustrated by human artists only and are not duplicative with the Gyzaengaxx Campaign handouts.

The Tomb of Gyzaengaxx will also showcase an array of splendid, full-color NPC portraits crafted to enhance roleplay throughout the adventure. Each portrait, a masterpiece from our exceptional artists, is specifically designed to enrich the narrative and immerse players in the unfolding story... you may even recognize a few... These are also not duplicative with the Gyazengaxx Campaign set.

The adventure will also include cartography that will blow you and your players away! Hyper-detailed and full-color, these maps come with a labeled GM version and an unlabeled Player version. As with all our works, these are also illustrated by our artists and are not duplicative with any materials in the Gyzaengaxx campaign.

Lastly, the Tomb of Gyzaengaxx will provide totally new Magic and Special Item Cards that picture fantastical loot and give players the stats of said items. Not only that, also included is a set of our own Gooey Rewards Cards that can replace or add to Inspiration rewards. If you've never used our Gooey Rewards Cards before, you and your players will love them! These also are unique to the adventure and not duplicated in the Gyzaengax Campaign materials.

FABULOUS add-ons from Gaxx Worx and Gooey Cube at special discounts for backers!! 

Just add to your pledge and help us get more Stretch Goals!!

These fabulous Add-Ons from Gaxx Worx and Gooey Cube are offered to our backers at a very nice savings. And they all add to the total so they help us open up more stretch goal tiers. Please consider adding one or two to your pledge.

In particular, you can get all of the Stretch Goals in physical form in a bundle for a very special price. Be sure to check that one out.

And two of the Add-Ons — the East Verdestia Lore Book and the East Verdestia Map Pack — cover the lands in which Gyzaengaxx may be found. And they are marvelous. You and your players will love them!!

Just some of the marvelous Add-Ons are shown below.

YOU, yes YOU, can make a character to play in the Gyzaengaxx tale!! 

Indeed friends... there is a particular Late-Backer tier that will allow you to make a custom character who will take their place amongst the legends in the Gyzaengaxx tales. And YOU can make that character working with us and our marvelous artists. They will then be written into the tale as an NPC. How amazing is that?!?!

You will be able to have some input into the character's back story (as long as it will fit with the Gyzaengaxx narrative) and be able to take your special place in this historic adventure!! Yes my friends... THAT is something truly special. 

Late Backers from outside the US. Read this!!

We have a program to help offset the high costs of shipping and import duties for our friends outside of the US. You will get free products in your shipped package if you pledge for physical goods. See below for details. 

Fabulous Stretch Goals for YOU!! Hundreds of $$$ in value already unlocked!! With MORE to come during this Late-Back period.

Plus...Double your Stretch Goals by backing the adventure/campaign bundle!!

And remember... Both Add-Ons and Late Pledges will add to the Stretch Goals during the Late-Backer period!!

Gooey Cube always goes all out with our Stretch Goals and this crowdfund is no exception. We are excited to bring you a magnificent array of these that will add significantly to the adventure and campaign. These are structured in two columns as follows: 

The LEFT column shows the Stretch Goals for those who pledge for the Tomb of Gyzaengaxx Adventure only... or for the Environs of Gyzaengaxx only. These Stretch Goals also apply for those who pledge for both the Tomb of Gyzaengaxx Adventure plus the Gyzaengaxx Campaign Box Set in a bundle. Thus, all Backers receive these stretch goals. 

The RIGHT column shows the ADDITIONAL Stretch Goals that you will receive if you pledge for both the Tomb of Gyzaengaxx Adventure AND the Gyzaengaxx Campaign Box Set in the bundle. As such, Backers pledging for the bundle receive the Stretch Goals from BOTH columns.

NOTE: Stretch Goals, unless otherwise noted, are provided in digital format only. For those wishing to get physical editions of the stretch goals, these may be purchased for a modest charge as an add-on.

PLUS... here's a secret you need to know about... you can get even MORE stretch goals if you register on our campaign page and back the crowdfund. Check that out HERE. The value is amazing!

At $625k we will bring an addition to the Flowblades supplement... the fearsome Corruptic Flowblades which are imbued with terrifying and powerful Netherstone!

Potent magical weaponry with potentially dire consequences for the wielder!!

At $650k we will bring forth Garold's constructed servants which are named the Faunz .stl file AND the second part of Confuddling Concoctions!!

At $675k we will bring forth Sti'itchy, a most horrifying monster as an .stl file, AND the second volume of Fabulous Feats!!

At $700k there will be another chapter in the Crovenloft tales which will be combined with the others into a marvelous adventure!!

Plus more amazing stretch goals to come!!
 Keep watching here to see the reveals!!

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